My Wife is going to study abroad?

We're Turkish and been married for a year. im 27, she's 26. she will go to rhode island, USA to do her masters in this september. it is a 2 year program. she will come in summer holidays and i will go in Christmas and spring. i trust her and she trusts me... thing is; i just can't be sure, if being apart this long; will cause us two grow apart, or instead refresh our relationship?


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  • -Try not to be jealous make her feel that you trust her.
    -Try to communicate on Skype or anything that will make you see each other frequently. (Like every night or one in every 3 days)

    If you don't lose touch with her and try not to make her feel bad that she is leaving your relationship should be fine (it is never certain though). Just don't blame her for doing her job.


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  • Can you go with her? It wil be both a unique opportunity and the best choice.


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  • There is no way to predict the future. It could go either way. Just keep the lines of communication open and talk or video chat as much as possible.


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