Do Male Dumpers Have a Harder Time?

Do male dumpers generally want their girl back after they are given a lot of space? Especially if they truly loved the girl.


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  • In a lot of cases yes. If there is true and genuine love there, he will more than likely want her back and miss her terribly. But it also depends on the reason he dumped her. If it's cheating, he may want her back, but may not trust her anymore and will quickly get over her by screwing multiple girls. But generally, he will miss her and want her back. Guys suffer just as much as girls do during these types of things, even though most wouldn't admit to that.

    • what if he just lost his feelings and all of a sudden didn't think they're right for eachother?

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    • Just focus on you. If there are somethings you aren't happy with, work on them. If you've had an argument with him over petty stuff, look at why the argument happened and work on that. Just be you and focus on being the best you.

    • Solid advice! Thank you!

  • I think they do yes, women can sometimes handle things better emotionally and men go into far more destuctive behaviours after a break up, drinking, drugs, fighting.


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