Receiving roses from an ex?

I had 8 years with a girl. She broke with me because she had to move to the usa and we had marriage plans so I can get the documents to live with her there, but I didn't show any commitment to our plans and didn't do anything about it.

Its been almost a month since last time I talked to her. I dissapeared from FB the first 2 weeks, in which she asked for me to a mutual friend and posted sad things on her wall that were obviously related to me.

I dont know if I should start talking to her, I've been improving myself, going to the gym, getting a job and studying a new career. I know things on romantic movies rarely work on real life, so I tried not to beg or "fight" for her, because It would just push away from me.

In somedays would be our special day, the day we became a couple so many years ago, when we were teenagers. I was thinking about sending her roses without any card. My objective is not to tell her that Im trying to get her back with a gift, thats why I won't write anything, but to let her notice that I still care.

But im not sure if this will cause a bad reaction from her, I dont want her to push her away. Im not sure if this is a good move or is practically putting a rope around my neck.

How would you take that girls if you were in her position?


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  • It depends if I still had feelings. My advice would be to give it a shot though IF you want to get back together. I recently re-friended an ex-bf and after talking a bit he admitted that a few months after we broke up he wanted me back but had assumed I had moved on so he didn't do anything about it. The fact was I had spent about 6 months hoping he would make a move and make some commitment (the reason we broke up is because he wouldn't commit). So if you want her back I would do it. If not you are just toying with her and that's unfair.


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