Ex boyfriend and I are seeing each other but I can't tell if he's playing with me?

Ex boyfriend dumped me five months ago but recently deeply apologized. We have been seeing each other a two times lately just talking for hours. He gives me a goodbye hug every time, (used to be a kiss) let me hold his arm, lifts me, touches me but sometimes he'll face away from me, gives me a friendly hug instead and talk a lot about his ex. He's going away this winter so why start something now? I get mixed signals from him, I don't feel like his girlfriend I feel like someone special and I don't know if he's playing with me? I feel like his friend but he let me lay on his chest like what is going on... We jumped too quickly into a relationship last time and it became too much but still. Help?


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  • people make mistakes all the time, we start bad relationships we end good ones. We cheat, we ignore and turn the other cheek. You must trust your feelings on this one, going back to an ex is usually a bad thing. But something is obviously keeping you together. So trust your instincts and face the truth.


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  • Don't date an ex because you broke up for a reason and if he loves you he wouldn't have left you and vice versa
    Good luck i hope i helped you


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