Even though I'm actively meeting new girls I still miss the ex a lot some days is this normal?

I'm meeting a lot of new girls lately and a couple I though had some potential and I started to develop feelings for them. but I still miss the ex a lot and do still love her , I don't know I feel so torn as there is endless oppurtunities with other girls I could date and find attractive yet I'm stuck on this one girl I liked and was close to but didn't even get that serious with although I'd still say she counts as an ex.

is this normal or do I have a lot of left over feelings for the original girl? more than what I could create with someone new? should I just force myself to date someone new? as ex herself is already seeing someone so little hope in getting her back?


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  • It is very normal has happened to me he's still single but he seems so far away now and I can't stop loving him and missing him its been two years I tried moving on but no one compares or is as good as he was. :(


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