After a month of NC but with some texts cuz we are working together I tried to talk to her and tell her that we still have somethng together?

She become very social, drinking, meeting new guys going for lunch and dinners with each one and ofcourse didn't talk to me nicely. I said all the bad things that I recalled I wish I said more i feel I hate her now and don't have any clue how to move on I feel that I failed to get her back and a lot of people helping her to move on. I am so frustrated and disaponted


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  • I am in the same boat man. But I broke up with my girl.

    Go hit the gym, hang out with your friends or try to make more. Buy some new clothes and start being more social.

    It certainly helps when you are focused on a goal. Or have attention from other people.


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  • Make yourself better, physically and mentally then make a grand gesture. Usually that works on me. :P

    • is she really over me? is she is really can date someone soon?

    • It really all depends on who broke up with who, why you broke up and how long ago it was. Usually girls hold on to their feelings a lot longer than guys do so she probably still cares to some extent.

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