I broke up with him and he is fine with that after he pursue me for so long?

I met him 1.5 year ago, back then i had crush on my fuck buddy who was jerk and still feeling hurt about my past relationship. we went on few dates, kissed and i pull away because i was scared to open again and there was that FB situation. but he keep calling and i couldn't get rid of him. he was nice and kind so six months later i dumped my fb but i still didn't want to be with him. i stop answering his calls. 2 months later we ran into each other and start dating again, after two more months we slept together. i felt in love, he was calling me everyday, we were seeing each other more often but at begining we didn't have sex all the time so we were going out for drinks or watch movie. last few months we barely go anywhere i told him so many times that we should go somewhere but he didn't care. everytime we see each other we have sex and go home, we went for drink twice a month. i was feeling like he use me for only one thing and i was angry because he made me fall in love and act like that. so i decide to break up with him. i told him yesterday that this is not working. his reaction was: if this is what you really want i will respect that, i said this is not fair for neither of us and you should find someone with who you can have normal relationship and he said i'm not worry about it, when it happens it happens. it was so devastating to hear. so i said lets go home, he kept teasing me that i am grumpy and we kissed and i am so angry at myself.. after half a hour he text me that he is really sorry that things didn't work out, he doesn't want me to think that he is indifferent with fact we won't see each other anymore, he had nice times with me and because he cares about me he will respect my decision...
i didn't text him back. this is bullshit and i don't undestand so help me... why he pursue me for so long and now give up like that, should i completly ignore him if he tries to reach me ever again. how could i be so stupid to think he cares


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  • yeesh. do you want to break up with him or not? If you do, don't be upset if he's ok with that. If you don't, then don't do it. All this capricious shit isn't attractive. You shouldn't change your mind about someone just because they're not tripping over themselves to be with you. Its not right in the head.

    • you are right, i keep focusing on wrong thing, it is just i hoped deep inside that maybe i'm wrong about breaking up with him but obviously i am not. i'll keep that in mind, thanks

    • i think you should ask yourself if you need someone to push you away for you to actually be interested in them what does that say about you... the issue is not whether he is right for you, but whether you are right within yourself.

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