Should I wait for her? or should I just move on?

She is strictly raised and honor means much to her family, which includes dating beeing forbidden.
i'm 18, she will become 18 next month

Oke so, my gf broke up with me last week, we've been dating for 5 months, and here's the story:

Anyway, 3 weeks ago, she told me she was scared her father would find out about us and told me that she wants to close all kinds of contact, removing me from Facebook and blocking me also and i could only send her love letters what i usually do.

She broke off all contact for 6 days. I told my Niece about this and my Niece got angry with her and wrote her an e-mail, saying that breaking off all contact will only hurt us both. The day after that note, she began to speak to me again and started saying, sorry repeatedly, and told me that she never wants to lose me.

All was good until last week, when all of a sudden, she told me that she will run away from home and join this community in a diffrent city, and that she told me that we need to part ways, breaking up with me, telling me she had such a wonderfull time beeing my gf and she was truly happy. I told her that i won't let her go like this and tried my best to keep her, but alas.

But now comes the question marks, she told me that she will run away from home LAST WEEK, yet her friend told me TODAY that she had no intention in leaving, they told me that she is afraid of her father might hit her again, but lying? She was just home, and i am thankfull that she is safe, but why did she lied to me?

My friends tell me that i should just be positive and wait it out, that she is going through some stuff and needs space to figuere things out, that she will come back.

but that may be in her favour for me to wait, so i need some info from diffrent point of vieuws.

What do you guys/girls think? should i wait or her?

P. S.: Yes i do love her, with all my heart, she is not my first girlfriend.


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  • She's got a broken home, if you really love her, ask your parents if she could stay with you or something. Wait for her otherwise, but I think she could use your support because she's feeling a bit messed up.

  • I have always tell people try and see how things then go then use ur opinion on the situation. She lied because she wanted you to care still thats how life is my ex thati currently am broken up with did the same to me its like the get a thrill out of it lol. She cares for you and still wants u in her life to care for her and doesn't want to lose you so my suggestion is just go No contact for about 1 or 2 weeks give her some times to clear her heard i know it will be hard but just give her some space to think and clear her mind

    • Will do bro, butbeven iff i could, she blocked me on everything so contact is impossible

    • i understand my ex that i want back did the same only way to reach her is threw phone lol but let her come it will show u if she wants you , and misses u dont make her feeled pressure in anyway

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