GF broke up with me for the 3rd time over my future earning potential, I blame no one but myself for taking her back it's my fault, do you agree?

To be honest i blame no one but myself for how things turned out, just like the saying fool me once shame on you, fool me twice same on me and additionally fool me 3 times and i mean your just a absolute moron haha.

In all honesty this is how it went, i'm 21 was with a girl who was never happy, besides me doing everything for her as a bf not saying i'm perfect but i cared/supported/loved her unconditionally/made her feel special etc. I didn't really do anything wrong she even acknowledged that when she broke up with me for the 3rd time. She was never happy because she always had a problem, she has this perfect fairytale ideal of a perfect guy and she tried to mold me into this guy. Apparently i was perfect in every way, except the fact i wasn't catholic like she was, the fact i didn't go to the gym like she did eventhough she went to the and ended up doubling in size over the course of our relationship (still loved her the same regardless) and while i didn't go the gym i lost weight even i'm not even fat just not toned etc while she is overweight.

Anyway this girl always had a problem, she complained that i wasn't catholic like she wanted me to be said she would break up with me if i didn't accept that our future children will be raised catholic as she wants them to be, said as i didn't go the gym what kind of father will i be because i don't look after myself. THEN we break up right, then we get back together and a new problem emerges i'm not ambitious enough, i'm currently at university studying law in my first year as i am not getting top end grades she has decided i am not going to be rich and successful so dumped me.

Anyway i blame myself, no one told me to get back with her, i knew what she was like but still went back to her. She would break up with me then beg for me back i adamantly didn't want her back the 3rd time she begged for months, then i gave in and she dumped me after a month again like the 2nd time, to be honest i blame myself, agree?


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  • Sounds like she just wanted an excuse to get rid of you regardless. You aren't to blame for having hope/being in love. But you are to blame for not realizing that she isn't compatible/worth your time. Breaking up that many times is ridiculous, even if you had a better job, she's probablly find something else to break up with you, such as your teeth aren't white enough, or you make too much noise when you eat.


    • Hahah that's so true man, breaking up that many times is ridiculous, thankfully there won't be a fourth time as i have completely cut her off for good now no coming back from this one. Yeah that's the thing i think she in the back of her mind has this perfect man that doesn't really exist i mean no one is perfect, she is far from perfect so what makes her think a "perfect" man is going to want her is beyond me.

      I will just use this as a learning curve i mean she is my first serious relationship, never really had a proper girlfriend until her so it's a learning curve. She mad me block and stop speaking to one of my female friends before we got back together the 2nd time who did absolutley nothing to her she was jealous for not reason, that was a red flag i didn't pick up on.

      I mean she complained about this gril so much the first time i thought if i stop speaking to her we would have no problems but then straight after the whole not ambitious problem emerged so good riddance

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    • Yeah I reckon your right inviting her out straight away is a little over the top I'll just read her vibes to see if inviting her out later on is an option n how I should wait etc. Thanks a lot excellent advice

    • No problem! Good luck to you!

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  • "to be honest i blame myself, agree?" Not sure it's a blame issue... but i will say that long ago you should have done what you have done now... let the little prostitute in Catholic schoolgirl costume go make her living by sucking in guys who will pay her way forever. And just to keep the high road, be happy for the whore.

    And by the way, Google various female behavioral disorders... I'm sure you'll find descriptions of her actions there, along with possibly her photo.

    • Hahahahahah, that answer was hilarious. Yeah i think she had a few issues to be honest, i guess she claims to be this good little catholic girl when she sleeps with like 4 guys a month which kind of contradicts that a bit.

      She was just a bit too much and i should have realized that and cut her off to be honest. Thanks for the advice man.

    • My pleasure. Best of luck.

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  • The heart wants what the heart wants. I'm sorry your heart wants a shallow bitch. You're better off without her.

    • True, thanks a lot for the advice I am better off now anyway! Single and ready to mingle

    • Yeah and don't blame yourself for taking her back we all make choices that don't work out the way we want. Have fun mingling!

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  • You do need to look after your own interests better, but in all fairness: what a bitch.

    • Haha, yeah i guess she was a bitch but she could've been a bitch elsewhere, i didn't have to put myself in the firing line when i knew she would eventually be firing shots because that's just how she is. True say though i guess it isn't all my fault i mean we are human when you have someone you love begging for you back it does kind of warp your view and make you see the positives and miss out the negatives. It really is a bad quality in her that makes her think messing around with someones emotions like that is ok.

      It's fine though moving on to bigger and better.

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    • Hahahhahahahahhaahahhaha so funny!

      Thanks man, ain't feeling all down anymore because there's no reason to be, onto BETTER things haha

    • Damn straight brah. Go get em

  • Hang on. Fat girl is mad at your for not having enough money?

  • She was a gold digger who thought she deserved a male model with money.


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