Do you feel down after a break up no matter how little you loved him/her?

i had to break up with him bc he started to act weird, avoiding me, i still have feelings for him, but I don't know if he does too. I felt like he was pushing me away bc he said he was having "family problems", but cmon we've been only dating for 2 months and now he can't send me no even 1 fucking message, i told him twice to see each other to talk, he had excuses. Then i asked him if i could call him and he said that he didn't want to talk to anybody, it wasn't me, nothing personal with me. More than 1 week without seeing each other. So i had to break up with him. He was making me feel so anxious and sad, i cried. So i had to break up with him


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  • You will always be sad because it was still a loss in your heart.


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  • Yeah, I feel anxious when I have to break off, but I know it's well worth it usually.


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