Feel bit panicky after seeing her pic. Still not over her?

So almost 9 months solid since the break up. I broke up in a sense I wanted space she wouldn't give any then she threatened to date another n then I said if that's the case guess your breaking up with me. Eventually I got blamed for the break up. she told me never to contact her n she has a new guy She hates me n so on. weirdly she msgs me that if I wanna have a casual convo to message her. *she sent this message through a friend she is blocked all over. I tried meeting her but she would give some excuse. I called her she didn't pick up I called from a new number she picked up understood she was ignoring Me. So I haven't bothered msging her. Felt like she is playing games. But then every time I see her name or her pic ( fb doesn't blocked old comments) I get a bit hyper or depressive or start feeling anxious.

Any advice on the whole situation. 7 years relationship mostly long distance 7 break ups 4 by me 3 initiated by her. Also advice perffered from girls or guys with experience in this or relative mess


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  • Move on. Just move on. Find someone else. If you keep your mind on her you will be depressed for life

  • Could delete her from FB or whatever it is you're using... especially if she's got over 100 friends, she's not going to notice... nor probably care. It's up to you though, it may help


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