How stupid could I have been?

recently my ex and I of 6 months broke up due to trust issues (womp) .. example: I found out he had been keeping in contact with his ex which wasn't bothered me but the fact that he hid it from me.. did. Anyways, fast forward to yesterday a friend of mine who is actually friend's with my ex's ex told me she posted a picture on IG with something along the lines of "you were the sweetest part of my past.. i wish we could go back to that summer" and blah blah. and he liked it. the thing is that they were dating for almost 2 years and it took him 2 years to date someone else (which was me). our break up wasn't the most pleasant and though we agreed that we just needed time away from each other, it only took him a couple of days before he could start talking to other girls , which was also his ex, so I thought to myself "well if he got over me that quickly then why even bother?" which led me to deleting him out of my life (as well as his family) through all sorts of social media and what have you.
after that he texted me a couple of times before i never heard from him again and now all I want to know guys is...

was he ever in love with me the way he said he was? or was I just someone he could use to get over his ex?

is he going back to her because we just broke up?
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Thanks to everyone who helped.. now the next step is how can i get over someone who simply used me?


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  • Since he has messes the past and present relationships , now, it is very difficult to trust him again.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Rebound relationships suck. If you become part of a rebound relationship it's best not to get too attached. He may have said he loved you because he needed to love someone after his breakup. Needed that feeling back. But he probably never did. You shouldn't sweat this guy. He'll probably go back to his ex and find out he's miserable and break up again. And you'll be with a better guy that truly can love you... You did good. Dump that guy and find someone better. Good luck

    • Ah im sorry ! I meant to pick you as most helpful but accidentally clicked the wrong one :( but thank you so much. You pretty much summed it up well

    • You're killing me smalls. Lol jk. MHO doesn't matter. As long as what I said helped you.

    • And time heals all. I also just had a similar thing happen to me. You'll be just fine. And if you ever need to vent and need any more advice on this subject just hit me up. I've been there.

  • Sorry but you were the rebound,... all along... that's why never date men who just broke up or have issues, plenty of normal fun guys in the world at your age you know.

  • no he never freaking loved you he's still figuring himself out


What Girls Said 1

  • It sounds as though he wasn't 'Completely' Over his Ex, and 'X' Marks the spot, here comes You, and this is what I call a 'Rebound Rebecca' Resort. He had found qualities in you that he hadn't found in her, but then back and forth to the drawing board he ended up with her Still on the list.
    Yes, he most likely had feelings for you were both while together, but She had Always remained in the back of his mind. And even Now, he's Still 'In touch' with her.
    You were smart to move on, 'Deleting' him from Everything, for Things most likely would never have changed, just You remaining the '5th wheel' in this 'Triangle Threesome.'
    Good luck. xx


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