Why is my ex being so confusing about everything?

So, when we broke up he told me he wanted to get to know me better, and make something happen in the future.

On Sunday, he was asking if he's the only guy I talk to and he said I'm the only girl he talks to. So I assumed we were talking. Someone he knew was messaging me Monday and I told him how I liked him (my ex).

Then all of a sudden we went from talking for a good part of the day to barely talking at all. He would ignore my messages and just be short answered.

Then like two days ago he told me his friend said I still liked him and I said I do still like him and I asked if he likes me and he said yes and that he thinks about me all the time. Then we talked for awhile had a normal conversation and he stopped replying -.- he saw my message, but he was still active on Facebook.

Now, I know he can't get on Facebook without wifi and he sleeps and chills with his friends a lot and they go out in the day. Facebook was my only way of talking to him for a few days. But even when he had a phone he was acting like this too.

So I don't get how he's acting at all. Does it sound like he's just busy or has mixed feelings or something?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Well you guys are broken up now right? I'd just move on to be honest as it doesn't seem like he's going to commit or anything.


What Girls Said 1

  • Don't bother with him, there's plenty more guys out there. You're single, you can do single stuff. If he has a problem with it then he shouldn't have left you in the first place.


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