Can I get her back? Is he a rebound?

Me and my ex girlfriend have been in a relationship 1 yr so 2 months ago she was acting distant and you know like she didn't want to be with me and all of a sudden she started have all these friends that were boys , but before all of this we got into 2 arguments that set the tone for this breakup and i regret it everyday the first argument was about me telling her she would look nicer in certain clothes ( not liking the clothes she wears or how she looks in the clothes she wear) i was just saying what i think. the second one was not writing a 1yr anniversary text i explained to her i couldnt because i was realy busy doing a project for my class and if i didn't go it i was going to fail ( i am in college). So now 2 months later we still arguing and then she tells me i want to be friends and we may go back out if i change my way and that she talks to someone else he just got out of a relationship so their might not rush anything.

Before i forget i have sickle cell and she knows and she hasn't came to see me once ever since i had it i seen her about 1 time for 2months i mean i know i messed up but did it really need to go this far? is this boy a rebound? Am i wrong for stating my opinion to her? I know she loves me and i love her i really want her back so what should i do

( she starting talking to the friend for 1month)


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  • I don't know man. That's not enough relevant information.


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