For guys, would you want an apology from an ex gf in this case?

I went through a rocky break up with long distance ex of 6 months which happened over the phone. I ended it as I was hurt by the way he acted. I deleted him on fb to try and heal. We never spoke after it ended but a week later I emailed him saying that I was sorry that I ended it so harshly and that I hoped we could be friends. He didn't reply to that email and a month later I asked him to return some of my items. He emailed back angrily saying that after what I did I don't deserve anything from him. I'm not sure what he mean't by what I did but I'm guessing it was the break up or maybe other stuff too. I emailed back saying that I was sorry and wished him the best of luck with his studies but no reply. He's even blocked me on Facebook but he never blocks or deletes anyone! Not even his exs who cheated on him!! (He said during the relationship that he never felt like the way he did with anyone when he was with me and he was getting very serious about us.)

All this happened while I was away on vacation. It's been 2 months since the break up and now that I'm back home I was wondering if I should write a proper apology email. Not just one that says I'm sorry but explaining why I acted so harshly during the break up. I'm not sure if he's upset, hurt or angry. I know I have apologised twice but they were literally "i'm sorry emails" emails, not exactly pure genuine heartfelt apology emails.

I'm not looking to get together. Is there any point in sending an apology email now?
For guys, would you want an apology from an ex gf in this case?
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