If the breakup was mutual why is he so angry and making it impossible to co parent with him?

I left he says he agrees we need to find happiness but he's acting like I'm hitler
He is very involved we do it all 50/50 it has nothing to do with that he just acts hostile towards me and I try to talk to him strictly about our child and he ends up bringing up everything in our relationship and then gets mad at me and says
I don't need to come at him with anything besides our child and has nothing to say to me like wtf I'm so confused


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  • Maybe it was not mutual and he just wants to keep his pride by acting as if you was also tired of you so he was not the one who got dumped. Perhaps he wants to see his child (ren) more often so he's upset with how things turned out?

    • He actually sees her more than I do. He likes it that way.

    • I left bc I was dealing with depression and didn't want to bring him down Bc he began thinking it was his fault but say it's mutual Bc I tried to change my mind last minute and he said no then talks about our relationship then gets mad saying not to bring it up like wtf I'm so confused I don't know

  • he wants to make choices on the kid as well. if you dont let him he might actually hurt you he's the dad he wants to put a little of himself into the kid


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