How do you get over someone you never date?

Ok I think that break ups are hard but I think when you never got the chance to be with someone it can be just as hard cuz there's no official closure.. So I basically got dumped two weeks ago from a guy I wasn't official with but we had a thing going on. It's been two weeks and it's not getting any easier and it's hard dealing with this because I feel. So pathetic and obsessive for still being hung up over a guy I never dated and specially since he told me he was just feeling us out to see if he would like me but he never did after he pursued me and he keep this going for a good 2 months.

He said he still thinks I'm super attractive but I was too awkward and it wasn't changed but it's hard not be awkward when all we did was hang out at his place and he lives with his family also known as my ex best friends family.

I'm embarrassed, regretful and hurt by this and it's hard to talk about because how could I fall so hard for a guy who never even liked me? I obviously took us way more serious then he did and I feel stupid for thinking that he ever did like me

Now two weeks later I'm in the same boat I was at the start. I been doing everything to get over him. Keeping myself busy, I unfollowed his posts on fb, listening to song that make him seem like a douche bag, listen to happy songs, listening to I'm over it songs. Thinking how better my life would be now that he's out of the picture etc etc. but without closure it's really difficult excially since he didn't when thoses things he "dumped" me over could have been easily fixed. I deleted his number so I won't drunk text him and I never talked to him sense that day. But I don't feel why better if anything I feel worse. In friends with some if his friends so I still see some posts on fb and it kills. Knowing I'm in heartache over nothing and he's off and having a life and doesn't care about me at all when he's all I think about. Any tips on how to move on? And anyone know why I'm dumb and hurting over nothing?
Sorry for the spelling errors my phone screen is smashed and I never noticed them until now


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  • Hangout with your friends and try to meet lots of new people if possible, and whenever he pops into your mind intentionally think of something else. Anything else you could play scenes from a movie in your head or think about what you and some of your friends did the other day. If you keep doing this you will think of him less and less. Don't day dream about what was or what could have been, just convince yourself it never happened and it makes it so much easier!

    • Thank you I never tried that I deffently will now! :)

    • Glad I could help! :) i'm sorry that happened!

    • It's alright probley for the better anyways

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  • I think what you feel is natural the pain is still fresh. Don't worry, give it some time. We all have those moments in which we felt like we are so pathetic because of what we went through with that guy but eventually, life goes on. Either with or without official closure. You only have two choices. To still be happy and charge everything to experience or to remain miserable for the rest of your life because of an unworthy douche bag. :))

  • If it's meant to be it'll be meant to be


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