I just can't get him out of my head?

So my ex and I had dated way back. The summer of '05. It was a fling. Well ever since then things has change. I've moved out of state. I'm in a relationship of 8 years so forth and so forth. In the meantime we've kept in touch on and off again. Mostly phone conversation. Seeing how each other is doing, things like that. Well the last time we talk it was last month around the 4th. I told him that we should stop talking because I'm catching hard feelings for him and vice versa. And he did. But now I just can't shake him out of my mind. It's been a freaking month. What should do to get him out of my thoughts and out of my heart?


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  • you're obsessing on a fantasy. it's easy to daydream. focus on your boyfriend and forget about him.


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