My bf and I broke up about two weeks ago he did not wanted to work things out, now is texting me.." How am I, am I ok?" What does this mean?

I don't want to Reply, because I don't want to catch feelings. I been doing just fine, but deep down I want him back. Is he fishing? Or is he "being nice" does he fucking think I'm suppose to be not ok since our brake up? I have gone MIA on him, fb down and everything, what is this behavior? Boredom of his or he's regretting his decision?


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  • If u can't be friends you have to let him know that and tell him that u are concentrating on urself for now


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  • Similar happened to me with my ex. We had been broken up for 2 weeks and he started messaging me. Not daily, but often enough that it was making me even more emotional about the breakup. He would send me messages of songs to listen to, or say oh you're not replying I guess. (As if they assume we will)
    My best advice for you. Is to make his name in your phone something funny (my ex for example is saved in my phone as, dumb little liar) and as soon as he sends me a text, I read it, reflect, and DELETE.
    You broke up. He can't know how you are doing anymore. And quite frankly you should feel proud that he is so interested and that you're strong enough to not answer! You have the upper hand! I also got rid of social media, and every so often I post a photo or two. But keep focusing on you. If you have the urge to reply, text the response to a friend, or even write it in a note book, or notes on your phone. I think I have about 200 pages of notes of replies to texts I never sent!!
    Keep not replying, and eventually you'll laugh when he tries to even wonder!

    • hahah! thanks this def made me smirk because you are so correct and sound so much like me, i had him under asshole at some point I just deleted his num and took down my fb, I guee he is wondering why I am not begging and being the one to wanting to fix things, I was always the one at his beck and call! and going MIA surprised the shit out of him ! haha now I have the upper hand YOU ARE CORRECT LADY!!! :)

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  • Guys become curious when you are not crying over them and begging them to take you back - it's an ego thing. The fact that you aren't doing this is making him curious..."Hmmm... maybe she wasn't as crazy about me as I thought". They want to feel that your world is shattered now that they are no longer in it. His ego is a bit deflated so he is going to try to contact you to 1) see if you are upset about the breakup and 2) try to get you upset about it so they can walk away all puffed up. Honestly, this is what he's doing right now, I've been through this so many times. Be happy, aloof and look like you don't give a crap - lol

    • So do reply to his text? Or just ignore him like he doesn't exist? And if he tries again I'll be short and sweet? 😈

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    • Yes he is he's just stubborn and I do love him and want him back, I am just hoping my space will show him he will miss me if I were gone for good

    • Ok then respond to the texts but don't be overly excited or friendly - be cordial and polite. Make him work to get you back. See how he plays this. Let him initiate all contact and if he's getting friendlier, than you can be a bit friendlier. Don't rush in, follow his lead.

  • why did you guys break up? maybe the guilt is getting to him... its up to you whether you want to take action on this.

  • it depends why you broke up... maybe he feels guilty, maybe he wants to get back together

  • Maybe he wants to be friends

    • but I don't.. there are feeling involved, I guess he never felt the same. if he can "try to be friends so soon"

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