Why do girls do stupid things like this?

I was with a girl for 8 years, almost got married.
Thing is, she broke up with me about 2 months ago and I haven't talked to her for about 1month.

Yesterday I liked and commented a girls photo, she's a new friend of mine and we both play videogames. The comment was something about the game, not even romantic stuff or flirting. It was late at night.

After a couple of minutes, a notification on my FB told me that my EX has liked MY comment... what is strange, we haven't talked even if we both see each other online. So I decided to go to bed and dont do anything about it, trying to make it appear like I just logged out and didn't realized she liked my comment.

As soon as I woke up, I checked the photo and she DELETED her LIKE. No it doesn't appear on my notifications.
I mean, what kind of mind trick is she trying to play with me? I've already deleted our photos, but she just blocked our photos in her profile, I can still see them but no one else can...
She deleted me from Facebook, but I can still find her and see her profile... and this has happened on the date that used to be our special day (6th)


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  • She's probably trying to make contact again in some way but wants to slowly test the waters since she broke up with you. By "liking" a photo or comment you made is her small way of trying. Not that she wants to get back together but this is about the time that people start missing each other, esp if you guys were together for 8 years. She might continue to do things like this until she gets some kind of response from you.


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  • I was with a girl and then she broke it off with me and was really mean to me when she broke it off but then a couple of months on she kept appearing online in Facebook witch she never did before well she was trying to make contact but when I kept my cool. Then she started writing me and I didn't even look at it and then she told me that she was walking around my work trying to run into me "by accident" and then when that didn't work she started calling me and I didn't answer so I don't know making contact after a breakup or a fight is really tough because both people are really scared of getting hurt and rejected again and nobody is willing to try anything.

    Hope you guys get back into contact and get back together.

    The girl I was with broke it off with me again and I doubt she'll try again and when I try we just keep fighting.


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  • Sometimes I do that then I think 1. What if he makes a big deal of it? 2. What if he thinks is want him? 3. What if he tells people?

  • she could still like you but if it's one of those "can't let go but can't be with you" situations i would block her


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  • It's a Facebook notification. It doesn't matter. I always think it's funny when people try to find meaning in Facebook stuff. She liked your pic then unliked it, doesn't mean anything.

    • Not even my pic, it was a pic from a girl she doesn't even know. She liked my comment, again, about something she doesn't even have a clue about.

    • Point is, it's facebook. It's nothing to be taking seriously.

  • She could've just hit it by accident.


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