Why do I have dreams about my ex?

i had a crazy dream last night about my ex, we were kissing and cuddling, then we decided to go home and watch a movie... but then he found another girl (this was a party scene)

its so bad because it makes me sadder even more.. how do i stop this... its annoying me


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  • When I dream it's about something lingering in the back of my mind, If I had a doubt about something I would keep having a dream about it until I realized it was bs and everything was fine. I haven't had a dream in months now, you keep thinking about him enough and the other girl might be a sign you feel inferior, are upset he moved on so quickly, or maybe mistrust. I had random dreams as well and don't think every single dream holds the answers to life, like a giant flying bird.. lol


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  • You're thinking about him too much. I sometimes dream about a certain girl also. It's because i think about her too much and so i somehow dream about her. Can't really think of what you can do besides try talking with other guys and moving on sorry.

    It may be anxiety dreams. Those kind of dreams can cause you to wake up in a panic attack. Have had those before.


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