Breaking up with sweet boyfriend? How to?

I am a high school senior girl dating a college junior guy. We were previously good friends but started liking each other in the fall of my junior year. In spring he asked me out. It's been almost 4 months we have been dating. This being said, my parents don't know about me dating him because I tried to bring it up with my mom before but she said I couldn't date until December of my senior year.

So the problem is now I'm thinking of breaking up with him but don't know how. There's nothing wrong with him honestly. He has to be among the sweetest and most responsible guys I know. The only issue I personally have with him is that at times he's too invasive. He's always making sure that I'm okay and whenever he hears that I've been stressed out by a friend he immediately asks me even if its the smallest thing. I know it's because he cares but it's a tad too much. Sometimes when I wait for my parents to pick me up he will just stand around and watch me to make sure I'm picked up fine and safe (semi-stalkerish style...). Other than that tho he has been an absolute prince. The main issue is me. Right now I don't have the time to commit to a relationship. There's too many stresses in my life. I have school, college apps, and color guard in which I am a captain. While he has the time to commit, I'm not as flexible. I don't have extra time to devote to him and I think that it's unfair for him. Not to mention we already don't see each that much. Maybe once a week? Most of our communication is online. Additionally, the biggest reason is that honesty is my core value and lately I haven't been living up to it. I've been lying to my family, him, and myself. I feel as though I've been losing sight of my identity lately. The timing of this whole relationship I believe is just really bad. It was fun at first but lately I've come to realize I'm not as happy as before. I've also been questioning whether I still like him. I forgot how to tell if you are over a person...


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  • This all sounds like things you should discuss with him. A relationship is a two person thing and you're trying to keep everything under control yourself. He might not even realize the extent of how much you're troubled by this. He should hear this before you decide what's best for the relationship. It's his relationship too.

    If you guys choose to stay together I would recommend confronting your parents on the matter more.


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  • Just explain to him that you can't have a relationship with him right now. Honesty goes a long way.


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