How can I make her regret?

My ex has recently ended our 7 month relationship with a very unreasonable reason or should i say that she was making an excuse? We will be starting our Junior year this September. We will be having classes together. My question here is what can i do to make her regret and rethink about the decision of dumping me , or even make her want me back.


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  • - Flirt or talk with other girls (but, that might make other girls like you so be careful with this one)
    - Be happy and confident
    - Flat out ignore her
    Honestly just making her jealous and making her crave your attention is the best way to make her regret it.

    • Anything I should not do? Like trying to impress her.

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  • Look like you are happy hanging out with your friends and everyone at school.

    • Will that actually work?
      Sorry didn't mean to down vote that it was a miss click. My apology

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