Breaking up after a 3-months-plus-relationship because of upcoming long distance and also the time difference of 12 hours?

My boyfriend and I broke up 3 weeks ago. He was the one who initiated it. He's leaving to US end of this year for 3 years and both of us are from Singapore. He said that he can't handle long distance relationship and he can see that i'm not ready either. He said it's better to break now cause if it's done later, we'll be more bonded and both of us we'll be more heartbroken. He was my first love. We had our last dinner together and went to talk together for a few hours. That night when we were on the verge of breaking up, it doesn't seem like a break up to me cause that night, we were still holding hands while he walk me back to my hostel. He gave me last goodnight kiss as usual. we took lots of selfie on that night. we joked, we fooled around. When we agree to break up, we both know very well that we still love each other. On that night, i was crying and hugging him for hours. He said i can still kiss on his cheek but not in public, hold his hands when i'm cold and also can hug him (not in public). He asked me to promise him that study come first. He told me that i can still ask him out to hang out in the dining hall, have dinner together and ask him questions. He said we can't do any couple stuff anymore. He told me that this is the best relationship he ever had. Then the next day, when i told him that i want to see him face to face and talk, he said he's sad and he wants to be alone. I hasn't seen him in those 3 weeks because he was having a one month semester break. In those 3 weeks, he didn't call, he didn't reply to my text. There was once where he did reply to my message because i told him i was scared and panic due to some health reason. And after that he didn't reply to any of my message. Help please. I don't know what to do. After 3 weeks, i'm still crying.


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  • What a jerk! Did he tell you about this trip before you started dating him seriously? Did you know this was coming, and what you were getting yourself into? Because I think he's lying to you and seeing someone else.

    • yeaa. I know that he's leaving to US to further his studies. We both knew that this is coming. He's not seeing someone else. I'm very sure of that. He even cried.

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    • I think it would be too painful for you for a long time, but yes there is a good chance he will allow that.

    • to painful to be friends?

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