Can someone tell me what does this mean? specially YOU GUYS, why do you do this... BE HONEST!?

my ex from two weeks ago is texting me saying hello how am I? I didn't reply, I ALWAYS DID! right away, I was always the one giving in and trying to fix things, ALWAYS... right at his palm, so once he said no lets be friends I pulled away completely took my fb down, now he creates an IG account and req to follow me? so I accept it the req, of course he is going to see I have been out and about... my question is WHAT ARE HIS INTENTIONS, is he really being friendly or is he looking for a way to get back? keep in mind this is someone stubborn and prideful, he also still has pics of me on his fb although he hid the "relationship" thing, which is whatever just giving little details so you can tell me what this sounds like because im confuse, I don't want to seem angry but I still have feelings for him, but I am keeping my distance "friendly" away, I don't want to get hurt if his intentions are not to get back...


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  • Keep away from him, if he tells you he wants to get back with you - tell him it's not that easy to undo what has been done and if he ever wants a shot, he's going to have to show you monumental proof that his feelings for you cannot simply be flicked on/off like a light switch.

    • why is he doing this? like throwing little clues that he wants to really be friends or get back?

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    • hence why I kindly accept it his friendship suggestion after breakup, but never talked to him after that, meaning didn't reply to his text, however I did accept the req on IG, so that I don't seem THAT upset in his eyes. I agree with you 100%. it was hard not to text him back, but I ignored it completely and BOOM he pops up on the only site I have... lol

    • Yeah, you've gotta step up for yourself and say you're not going to put up with this shit.

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  • Booty call, ignore/delete/avoid.

  • He just doesn't like the fact that you pulled away from him. It's an ego thing. He doesn't want you. He just wants to be the one who decides when it's over.

    • he is too late for that.. I have the upper hand now

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