Are divorced people different in relationships than those never married?

Do you think that divorcees who get in relationships after their divorce act differently than someone who was never married does?

My boyfriend is divorced but wants to have a family and is open to marriage again. He never had kids the first time.

It seemed like he was more experienced and motivated at establishing an emotional connection than other men I've dated. He knew how to establish a good relationship with me. I think that could just be that we were two people who want a relationship and had good chemistry but it seemed like he knows what makes a woman happy and comfortable (outside the bedroom)

He also seems more comfortable with talking about marriage and commitment than many other men.

He also seems to understand me and my feelings and he can tell when he screwed up or when or why I am upset. I think a lot of this is because living with a woman has given him experience. They may also be more willing to make it work the second time and have more realistic expectations.

On the other hand divorcees can be bitter and take it out on you. Or they may have big flaws like stubbornness or selfishness.
They may also be scared of committing again. Or if they won't admit their flaws and faults from the first marriage.

What do you think? Had anyone dated a divorcee?


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  • The only difference is that they are more experienced in dealing with emotions. Don't fret.


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