Is this a bad way to break off? A mean way to just keep me around? Has any of you had this kind of break up?

I want to break up, but the guy always ended up contacting me. So does it mean, I should just block him.

We like ea. other, but, noting will come of it. We have fun sometimes.

Did you have this kind of break ups?
The best is a clean cut off no?
He is just contacting me to keep me around...
Is this usually the guy doing it or some of you girls also do this?


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  • If you want to break up, then break up and be done with it. Honestly its the best thing for you. I mean if you know nothing can come from it, then why have the guy around.

    • sometimes for fun lol... since we aren't taking ea. other seriously...
      i was just wondering about if you have had similar experience...

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  • I still love my ex bf and he has asked if I wnna go out again but I knew that we weren't gnna stay together forever so I said no. So thats just my story I don't know if it helped but I hope it did

  • You are right to break if off. And yes guys like to keep the girls around. If you dont want him then block him. He'll get the message

    • you ever had similar experience?

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    • Interesting you mentioned that the guy has feelings for me. Thats what bothers me the most. because he cares about me so much such as helping me fix my car, checking on me to make sure my car is okay and so on.
      in terms of future, i really don't know what i want at this point... so i would just play along sometimes and the company is good.

    • Then you are the one who sends mixed messages. Decide which way you want to go and don't look back. Sorry but if you don't you are going to create some major drama for yourself.
      Hope this helps

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