He flirts, said he loved me and didn't want his stuff back, wtf do I do?

my ex broke up with after 5 years, he cheated on me but won't admit it and is now going out with the girl (this happened while i was on holiday), he told me he loved me and care about me and tells me I'm a beautiful person but he is such a horrible person, i have gotten over it (i know I'm stupid to) but i really miss me and before we broke up cause he wouldn't talk to me or look at me, its been 6 months and we we talk cause we have to, he acts the same but always finds a way to mention his gf but never in a good way i. e.: she checks his phone, he has to live with her and implies she's a little crazy.

he never actually lets me go and i have had to put a stop to everything, he didn't want to take his stuff back and i took it to him anyway and he won't ever actually say he doesn't love me or he says he wants to stay "friends"but i ended up stopping communication and only talking when we have to and its been 6 months and i still really miss him and have tried everything from meeting new people, to changing and everything i just can't shake him!! how do i deal or make him see whats he's lost because i feel completely LOST, i don't want him but i do...
i just want to add, he constantly ignores me even when i say hows things or ask him specific question due to our joint finances we are sorting out.. why doesn't he just reply to such simple messages?


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  • He cheated on you and has moved on. I don't know that there's much you can do? Unless he decided to break it off with that girl. But would you really want him back after not only cheating on you, but then leaving you for her? It would be one thing if he messed up bad and cheated on you. That would be bad enough. But actually being with the girl he cheated on you with? Says that he actually cared for her when he was with you. Not good!!

    • thanks for helping me put it in perspective, really not worth a messed up situation, its just the little things i think screw with my head :-(

    • Break ups are hard. You are constantly analyzing what the other person might be thinking and then when you do talk, you analyze everything they say to you. Good luck!!

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  • His ego tho? Fuck his best friend and never return a single call or text of his ever again.. put the whore in his place.

    • Love this comment, THANKS HEAPS!! :-)

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