How to approach your ex after the no contact period?

We broke up and we had our first argument ever. He seemed really confused and i was left confused too. I decided not to be hard on him and respect his space so i was told to wait a week to contact him. A little bit more than a week passed and now I don't know what to say. I want to apoligize for being stubborn and try to see if we can calmy talk this out or at least confirm that our friendship is safe even if our relationship is not. How do i approach him? We are very close and were really good friends. He broke up with me but he said there was no reason why he just did not want a relationship. He says he still likes me and cares about me and we were perfectly fine a few days before we broke up, so im worried and i want to ask him whats wrong. I feel like he's hiding something, but how do i get him to open up? I miss him so much and I care about him I just want to know he's okay and see if there's anything we can do.


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  • Just reach out to him with a phone call or text and tell him you were thinking about him and just wanted to talk and see how he is doing.
    From there, face to face open honest communication is best. You have both cooled off, and if there is a chance of working things out, it is now. Just be honest with him calmly. Don't yell or lecture. Talk to him about how you are feeling, but don't overwhelm him or seem needy. Then listen to what he has to say.
    Determine if the good of a relationship with him outweighs the bad.

    • Thanks for MH! I hope all is working out for you. Anything else I can do, feel free to reach out.

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  • I find it to be helpful for you to be open if you want him to be open. Maybe just a " hey I've been thinking about you, hope you've been okay. I'm still here whenever or if ever you want to chat. I know I would like that. "


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