Is it normal to still be in love?

Ok well me and my ex bf were together for 10 months, and now its been 10 months since we broke up. And I'm still head over heels in love with him. He acts like he doesn't know I exsist. Guys and Girls plzz answer! Soooo...
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Please Help I don't know what to do anymore its been so long and im so depressed I just need some answers!!!


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  • I don't think it's normal unless you're married or had kids together. I don't see how you could be attached to someone for so long without anything significant happening between you two. I don't know what all you did. If you just hung out together and chilled and never made life decisions together, I don't know how you'd be in love. I'd just say you miss him and would love someone similar to come along and fill the void but you may not necessarily be in love with him, just the experiences you had is what you love. But you will constantly feel like you're head over heels in love if you're constantly lurking on his page, reading old text messages, and look at his Twitter account after you guys broke up. If you were to get back together, you would realize why it never worked and you'd be able to move on better. I was in love with my first bf after we broke up for 2 years. It wasn't healthy. I don't even know why I was in love with him b/c he was douche but I believed he'd change and become a great husband to me in the future. I'm glad I was able to move on when I dated someone else and he was so similar to me. We had so much fun and a lot in common but I learned it would never work out b/c his flaws were too deep and emotionally driven that I had to let him go. After that experienced, I learned a lot and that love doesn't exist unless you and that person are almost like family. You create a family together, do things as a family, do things with one another's family, become a family, and create traditions, share cultural experiences, respect each other and would seriously die for one another or be at each other's deathbeds.

    • You know ur right I dont habe any of these things with him or had any of these things. So I guess im not in love thank you for your help you really did help me

    • You're welcome :)

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  • I dated my boyfriend for almost a year and we've been broken up for almost 3-4 months and I'm still in love with him. Even though he said dating me was a mistake..
    I say it's normal though, it just takes time

    • Yeah but for me its been 10 months and I don't know if it will ever get better for me

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    • Dating no but hobbies help me until im not doing them then all I think about is him

    • Hobbies just aren't helping

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