I want to be alone - not in a relationship. But I'm kinda in one rn and last time I tried to break up he said that he was starting to love me?

I know that it's better for the both of us if we break up. But he said he loved me and now I can't do it. I can't do it bc I know he'll do something bad.. (i. e self-harm ect). I know it sounds stupid to say he'll do that, but I KNOW that he will. I'm not exaggerating.. and that's what makes me scared. But I really don't know what to do. Bc I am not happy - at all. I feel even worse every night. It just isn't fair for him to think that everything's great when every night I'm in tears.


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  • Wow!!! You need to look up "abusive personalities" This is how they start to control you, and it only gets worse the longer you stay. Yes he will cry, pitch a fit, and maybe do some stupid shit that he is quit sure will not kill him. All as a means to control you, he will say it is because he loves you, and he may love you but he still has a problem. If you love someone you do not ever want to do anything that would hurt them or make them sad or feel guilty, yet that is what he is doing. So my advice is walk away while you can. And remember we are only responsible for our own actions not the actions of others. Please walk away


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  • You are not responsible for his life. If he is going to self harm, he would do it over something else not you breaking up with him. If you are unhappy, and don't want to stay, you leave. The threat of self-harm is a manipulation.


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