A young SexY guy I've known for years played me smh?

A younger guy I was into hurt my feelings because He wanted things on his terms. However, I just got outta a7year relationship and was looking for fun.
He wanted me to be available for him whenever he wanted but Imma old schooled independent individual who takes my time to even breathe and no one rushes me to do anything lol.. since I didn't always respond his way, he lied to me constantly and assumed I wanted a relationship due to the way I carry myself. No more young men for me smh.. by the way he's my neighbor and Im moving soon lol
The young guy was after my seven year relationship.
I find this soooo creepy. .. I was coming from the store and saw that younger guy on the street, that I was talking about earlier with an underaged female. Once he saw me, they both ran across the street and went inside his car. ...


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  • He preferred to have a thing with you on his terms, and you, however, preferred to have it on yours. By the way, by fun, did you mean you had intentions of having a fling? Or, did you mean you simply wanted to hang?

    If, by chance you had intentions of having a fling, or both, taking things slow, to many guys, would seem contradictory and ambiguous, as the term is usually indicative of one who wants a meaningful relationship.

    • Oh ok thanks he was my fling. I wanted both to hang & fling, not all the time thO because Im usually busy. Nevertheless, I didn't know or understood that he has been hurt in his past, being schooled by players& is screwing multiple females.. thats why I left him he was just a red flag to me. He was very impulsive when it came to contacting me. I seemed always busy to him. however he saw me with my ex once in a while after he had thought the relationship was over and I think that bothered him. I kept in contact with my ex for a short while due to us both being undecided about fixing our situation. We stiil bump into each other and still greet each other, I just think he's pissed because after he hurt me I slept with another guy which happened to be one of his good friends, I didn't know. Soon as I found out I stopped due to me not enjoying conflict. Right now Im just healing myself and Im over them

    • Good for you for exercising patience and practicing caution. Next time, whatever you want, whoever you want, discuss your intent from the onset to decrease the chances of being disappointed.

    • Thank you great advice! :)

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  • it seems like you guys both wanted something different than the other wanted. I don't think he played you I think there was just a clear miscommunication of what you two both wanted

    • Thanks I couldn't use him at my leisure&he couldn't use me at his smh

  • So what are you looking for? You sound like you might be looking for a dominant male. It feels like you need a spanking.

    • LOL !!! exactly its a shame that he wasn't man enough for me

  • OK, thanks for the report, well done... is there a question or need for advice or worthy comment?

    • Thanks. I think we were playing power games. What do you think?

    • Oh... OK, I could agree with that but
      I don't think you were playing a game like he - you just wanted to be comfortable in a relationship & escape being exploited

    • Thats exactly right, something discreet, fun, mutual&secretive. Thank you for your advice, I appreciate it:)

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