Bumped into my ex and she seems happy/ok?

so i broke up with her about 7 months ago. ever since then we never met each other, text/call or anyhting. Even if i did text her or call her she won't respond.

recently i just switched jobs, and my new office is right next to hers now. so this morning i went to my new office to settle a few things before i start working soon. i coincidentally bumped otw to office. trying to be nice i said "hi"

she seemed almost surprised like, "oh hi! what are u doing here?", "you're gonna work here?", "when are u starting?", "since i'm nearby, maybe we can have lunch some time? let me know ok" she seemed a bit cheerful than what i expected, and actually waited i get off my phone, (cos i was on a call when i said hi)

to be honest i didn't expect her to talk/ask so much! i expected just a hi then go our separate ways! becuase all the months before this she was distant, cold, and not chatty at all. dont reply to any texts prior to my no contact. now this time around it seems as if i'm the one avoiding the convo, as i was slowly walking away while we had our short chat. as i was rushing haha

this is the first time ever we met face to face so i dnno what to expect of this.

am i thinking too much? haha. she's just being nice? good sign or bad? tbh she's not the type to keep a convo is she doesn't like someone. so yeah what u guys think?


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  • she probably felt like she had to be nice and was creeped out you are gonna be working there... eek!


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  • You're over thinking. She's moved on, and doesn't need to hold a grudge.


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