When a woman says "Its amazing, I feel I dont know you anymore"?

I had an 8 year relationship with this girl, she broke up with me because we had problems.

I told her that I loved her and wanted her back for 2 weeks, then I said "I wish you the best and take care of yourself"

So I've been improving myself for a month, knew more people including girls, one of them a model. I had comments on my fb with her and everytime this happened, my EX would post something about it on her wall.

So I haven't talked to her for a month and yesterday was our special day. I told her "I passed by this cinema we had our first date, and It made me remember of you", and she answered "I wonder who was with you when you passed the cinema :v" so afte this we were talking basically about how we were. I said I was doing pretty good and some things have improved. She said she was good and that she is still doing what she loves , dancing.

At the end, I decided to end the conversation telling her "well it was nice, take care, bye" and I left.

Today at the morning i found that she answered "Its amazing, I feel like I dont know you anymore".

It was a bad thing? maybe she was expecting me to beg or something? I want her back, because I love her and I dont have anything with the model, she's just my friend.


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