When your ex broke up with you and dated someone else after 5 weeks then says he will contact you when he's ready new squeeze don't need to know?

Why do they do this to try hurt you, we was together 6 years and split 9 weeks ago because I wouldn't give up my house and job to retire with him so he said we don't want the same things after years of relationships I still can't get it right


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  • You're giving in to him by even mentioning it. You have to ignore his taunts. That's what bad people try to do.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, He Wants His Cake & Eat It Too. He Wants You As A Side Piece, Dont Give Him That. iKnow You Love Him & Want To Make Things Work But This Relationship Is Unhealthy. Set Your Emotions Aside, Think With Your Head & Do The Right Thing. Cut All Contact & Move On...


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