I split with my ex after 6 years and that was 9 weeks ago he moved on after 5 weeks then said he will text me in a month see if I've moved on I asked?

Wouldn't your girlfriend mind and he says she doesn't need to know any advice


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Cut All Contact, He Is Stringing You Along & You Can Do Better. Dont Answer His Calls Or Text Cause Thats What He Wants, He Wants His New Girl & You At The Same Time & Thats Not Fair To You...


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  • I'm really confused. Um... Just be polite to him and don't bother with him.

    • In those 4weeks he's been with this other woman I have met up with him 3 times do you think he's just playing with my head

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    • Ok thank you for your replies, you've only told me what I know I just needed someone's input I can't delete his number as I know it and he won't block my number

    • No problem.

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