Ex keeps telling our friends to date me!?

My ex liked me for a really long time. He asked me out, we dated for 10 months. Then he freaked out, and within 2 weeks he got scared and broke up. I had to see him everyday at work for 1 year after the break up. The last 6 months I switched jobs and haven't really talked to him or seen him since. I tried catching up with him once, but he was plain mean and short with his answers.

One of our mutual friends really likes me. And out of nowhere he told this mutual friend that he should date me! I mean, I'm not even bothering my ex anymore. I haven't talked to him in months. He doesn't have to pawn my attention off on someone else. He's also asked one of our other mutual guy friends if we are dating.

Why, after all the time, is he so concerned. Telling people to date me!! And asking them if I'm dating someone. I want him to just leave me alone so I can move on in peace :(


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Profession Opinion, iCant Say He Still Has Feelings For You Because He Is Tryna Hook Up His Friends With You But He Clearly Has You On His Mind. Stop Talking To Him, Stop Talking To His Friends, He Is Tryna Keep Tabs On You, Go Ghost On Him, Keep Him Wondering What Your Doing, He Will Go Crazy. iFeel Like He Isn't Completely Over You & Doesn't Wanna Let You Go. Breakaway & Be Free, Be Happy & Live Your Life. Just Cut ALL Contact & Stop Telling His Friends Things About You Cause All They Are Doing Is Reporting Back To Him. If You Him Added On A Social Network iSuggest Removing Him. Stay Positive, Stay Strong & Keep Your Head Held High...


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  • Maybe he thinks you still like him and wants to get that pressure / desire off of him.

    • But I haven't talked to him or seen him in months! How do I convince a guy I don't have any feelings for him anymore?

    • You just move on with your life and give him as little attention as possible and he will conclude that you have moved on.

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