How do you become friends with an ex bf you broke up with?

I dated my ex for 6 months. Visited him during our 3 month mark. We were crazy about each other and things got serious quickly. He told me he's never felt like this for anyone before. He talked about the future and considered moving to my country.

We had a huge fight while I was overseas on holiday with a friend. He likes to forget about our issues rather than solve them. During our last fight I broke it off and blocked him on fb immediately. I still had a few months left on holiday which took me years to save up for, I wanted to enjoy my time rather than be super upset so I blocked him. It meant no temptation to message him or look at his statuses. It was harsh but it was the only way I could move on as deactivating my account wasn't an option since I message friends on fb all the time.

I emailed him an apology a few wks later about the break up and I unblocked him on fb. He never replied. A month later when I asked him to return my items he sent me an angry email calling me selfish and that I deserve nothing. I replied apologising again but he never replied. I also realised recently that he's blocked me on fb but I'm not sure when he did it.

I miss our friendship and would like to be friends. It's been 2 months since we broke up. His last 2 gfs cheated on him and broke up with him and yet he never deleted them from fb. I feel like he must really hate me although I never cheated on him. I don't know what to do... I think he's also deleted me off Skype and google chat.


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  • At least he got an apology, I never did. =) IF he does not want to be friends well there is not anything you can do. You have made your intentions clear, and now the ball is in his court whether to contact you or not. I would guess the latter, sorry. If you apologized and are truly remorseful well that's about all you can do.

  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, First Off "Apologized" & "Realize" Have A "Z" In It, But Listen, There Is No Need To Chase This Guy, You Already Apologized & He Still Wants Nothing To Do With You, Dont Blow Him Up & Try To Force A Friendship, In Time If He Wants To Be Friends Then It Will Happen On Its On, Dont Try & Force It !! iSuggest Moving On & Continue Living Your Life, Dont Wait For This Guy, Go Find Happiness, Take Him Off Your Mind, Find A Hobby. In Order To Be Friends With Him You Have To Give Him Time & Allow Him To Let His Feelings Settle But During That Time You Need To Do Stuff With Your Life, Stay Positive & Stay Strong...


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