How do you know if your girlfriend moved on? An how much space is to much space when u on a break?

How long do u wait to move on? Cuz bring in limbo for to long is how long? Is it a gut feeling...


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, There Is No Way To Really Know If Your Ex Has Moved On, There Are Plenty Of People Who Are In Another Relationship But Still Love, Miss & Think About Their Ex, Lots Of People Block & Unfriend Their Ex On Social Networks But STILL Love, Miss & Think About Their Ex, Etc. It Depends On The Person & You Know Her Better Than Me. iSay You Move On & Dont Wait, If You Wait Then Your Life Will Fall Apart & You Will Be Sad All The Time. Dont Contact Her & Beg For Her Back, Dont Ask Her How She Was Doing, Just Give Her Some Space & Live Life. Find A Hobby & Stick With It, It Will Help, Stay Strong, Keep Your Head High & Stay Positive...


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