Is she confused? Does she want me back?

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Well i am today so last night i tried to talk to my ex girlfriend we broke up for about 1 month or 2 and she is talking to another boy already so she was on Skype when i called her i just wanted to let her know i am going try to change my ways to try to get u back. I asked her for 5mins of her time she said no he was talking to me first i said this how u going treat me this might be ur last time talking to me for a while she just kept saying he's better , and etc i just got fed up and hung up and she said do what you wanna do , Then she texts me says dont go i said why? she said because i dont want you to go please stay i told her this is my only way to have shot at fixing my mistakes she started crying and stuff and said i g2g to sleep and that was it?

Is she confused? Does she like this other boy? Does she want me back? Is her feelings confused


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  • I think the only reason why she probably acted like that when she was otp with you, was because she was in front of her new guy. She still cares, she just would rather not have her new guy know that there are still feelings there. Bt right now I think she just needs a break... just for now, she misses you but its kinda too much for her to handle right now.

    P. S. please help me with my question

    • i mean the other guy knows about me and stuff so i am just confused

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  • I was in that situation before. She does like the other guy but at the same time her feelings are still true to you. She only likes this guy because from what you describe he treats her better. But when you told her you'll change your ways it made her unsure about everything. I would honestly say make her well known that you're not stopping until she's yours again but give her time to think about it. When you keep trying to contact her and tell her to take you back it's only going to push her further back. Give her space to breathe but also at the same time don't let her forget how much you love her.

    I wish you the best that you two get back together.

    • Thank u very much i feel the same about the situation and thats why i am doing the anger management to give her space i hope we do get back together thank u :)

    • Do u believe this guy is there as a rebound because i messed up in the relationship?

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