When I try the No Contact rule, will he try to contact me after breaking up and getting back together a few times before?

We've broken up before in our 2 year relationship. I admit to trying to beg him to stay together which is embarrassing. This time after he said "I don't want you, you're bad for me" he mentioned to maybe call him in 2 weeks and meet for coffee or something... But not to bank on it. I'm working on the no contact rule with him and this is day two. He's said those things to me before and we've gotten back together, so I'm confused. When I'm not pining for him over texts and calls to him, do you think he may wonder what I'm up to and try to contact me?


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  • Do not get back with him. He is as sentimental as you are about the whole thing, you two aren't in love, you're both infatuated with one another. Your feelings will do nothing of the sort to tell you what is good for you from what is bad for you. A common definition of wisdom is "a good judgment", make a good judgment call and leave it be. You two broke up 3 times for a good reason, it is because you two have had phenomena that will forever denature your future encounters. Just respectfully decline such prospects and focus on whatever answer I gave you last time.


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  • If he's smart he'll stay way the hell away from you.

    • What's that supposed to mean?

    • He did say that he wants it to be over, no? and that you are bad for him? whether you like it or not he no longer wants to be with you, and it will be best for him to no longer contact you and too forget about you.

  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Your Using The "No Contact Rule" Wrong. That Rule Is Not Meant To Get Your Ex Back, Its Really For You To Take Time Out For Yourself & Get Your Emotions Under Control. To Help Ease The Pain & Stop Thoughts About Him, You Need To Find A Hobby, Find Something You Love To Do & Stick With It. Another Thing You Have To Do Is Stop Hoping You Guys Will Get Back Together, If It Happens Then It Will Happen, But This Time DONT Look For It To Happen, iKnow You Love Him But Try & Just Move On, & Dont Blow Up His Fone, You Dont Wanna Annoy The Guy & Make Him Dislike/Hate You. All You Can Do Is Continue Living Your Life & Be Free & Happy, You CAN Do It, Be Strong & Stay Positive...


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