Is my ex rubbing it in that he is moving on? please tell me this is killing me honest opinions ONLY?

we broke up about two weeks ago we didn't text he text me Monday and I reply two days later, short and sweet, he never reply I had taken my fb down, so he went ahead and created an IG account, which is all I have, and I accepted his req, but since he didn't reply to my text I blocked him, and I saw his page and he was out to a bar and posted a pic of the bar he was at... is he showing off?


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, iDont Know If He Showing Off But He Is Living His Life & So Should You, Move On & Dont Look At His Instagram, It Will Only Hurt. You Shouldn't Of Accepted His Request On Instagran Either, He Is Only Keeping Tabs On You. iDont Know If You Want To Get Back With Him Or Not But If You Do It's Still Best To Cut All Contact & Live YOUR Life. Stop Worrying About What He Is Doing, It Only Hurts. If You Dont Want Him Back Then iSuggest Removing Him From Your Instagram. He Is Satisfied He Can See All Your Stuff, If You Remove Him He Can ONLY Wonder. Show Him You've Moved & Still Standing Strong. Stay Positive & Keep Your Head Held High...

    • i do cause I love him, but I did take him down from my ig he only got it because after our breakup I took my fb down so he didn't know about my whereabouts... now he is all brand new on ig posting pics of being at a bar

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  • Of course he is rubbing it in, Not answering is also him wanting to feel like you wrote and wanted to connect but he ignored you.

    Its just his little ego, Try and move on even if its difficult, you just hurt your self trying to find out what he does to mend his broken heart.

    If possible move on, if you guys did argue, which hurt people do, then its no use telling him you got hurt by his actions. Or you tell him and don't answer back, haha

    All he does in this stage is too sooth his ego, and you probably do to, even more if you found out he is hanging out in bars and going out.

    Its impossible to not get hurt when you wanted a certain person and it didn't work out.
    I'm not saying you can't get back together again and be all good. But something is clearly wrong as you guys broke up. This is a cliche, but work on your self and be all gay and happy. That´s the shit that attracts others, and if you want him back, you should invest in your self and your dreams. He be easy to take back when you feel you can pick anyone you wish cause you got your self together.

    Break ups are not fun at all, and saying it will be better is not always what you want to hear,
    So i´m sending a hug instead

    • awww. this is way too sweet and well composed thank you!!! well he did text me saying hi and I replied two days later, I figured he will be upset, so since he didn't reply I took him off my ig- so he doesn't keep tabs on me, and he goes and post at the bar he was at -_________- buzz killer

  • I don't think so but then again I don't use or have facebook. Don't over analyze things on facebook, most of it is just people being narcissistic.

    If he texts you 'oh my god this girl I picked up was so hot and we fucked all night long' then he is rubbing it in.

    • so creating the profile to the only thing I have which is ig, is not rubbing it in? I don't have fb that is why he created an ig profile, and posted a pic of being out and about

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    • i did, I took him off, and he posted he was out and about, so it does looks like he is rubbing it in

    • He may also be telling other woman that he's available which is not rubbing it in, IMO.

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