My old boyfriend found a girl, and I am still interested in him?

Just 3 days ago he was flirty with me and stuff, and I loved it. Last night he told me he found a girlfriend. He is dating his bassist, a girl he's had a crush on for years. We aren't dating, he did nothing wrong, she did nothing wrong, but how should I deal with this?

We had to break up because his parents didn't want us dating, and he's becoming a professional drummer, and he didn't have time for me. He sees his bassist all the time, and yes she is better than me, she is there for him when I couldn't be.

I told him Im glad he's happy and I still want him for myself. And how much of a tease the flirting was, and he even told me he was ready to date again.

We dating for 1 month, it would of lasted longer if his parents didn't find out. Now I can't stop thinking about him with her.

He told me he did like me, but was sad we couldn't hang out and enjoy life.

I am confused he flirted with my 3 days ago, last night he said he "did" like me, and was I just his temporary girlfriend until he got the girl of his dreams?

I don't think I explained this the way I wanted to, but I tried the best I can to make it understandable.


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  • You may like this man, but you must also understand that you yourself are worth more than being a 'temporary' girlfriend. There's nothing more depreciating than a person being used as an mere instrumental means than an end in themselves. You have to realize your worth and be courageous enough to confront your feelings for him and his allure towards you and tell him that if he ever cares for you, it's the whole bundle or nothing at all.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, He Is No Good, Regardless Whether Or Not You Were Able To Give Him Attention, If He Truly Wanted To Be With You Then He Would Of Still Made It Work (Minus The Parents Objection To The Relationship.) Dont Ever Put Yourself Down Regardless If The Other Women Is Halle Berry Or Beyoncé. This Guy Is Dating Somebody New, Please Move On & Find Somebody Else, (Not Only That His Parents Dont Approve.) iSuggest Not Being Friends With Him Either, At Least Till Your Feelings For Him Have Died Down. Find Another Guy (One Who Parents Approve Of You) That Understands You won't Always Be Giving Him Attention, Because Nobody Can Give The Other Person Their Attention One Hundred Percent Of The Time...

    • yeah... he just texted me flirting and shit, and then I said something about us, then her said, "I have a girlfriend now" like wtf If I stop texting him then he freaks out and tries to text me, when I text back he brings her up again

  • salla ya :D


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