Why did my ex tell me he loved me when he liked another girl?

My ex broke up with me like months ago. Him & I stopp talking during the breakup. So a few weeks ago we were flirting by text he would always say he really loved me, that I looked beautiful in my pictures, he dedicated me 2 love songs & sent them to me, he always sent me hearts & kissy faces, he always saves my pics to remember me etc etc... so I asked him one night if he still liked me, at first he lied to me & said no but finally he came out with the truth & said 'no I don't like u, I like (sara) but plis don't tell anyone ' why did he started playin with me? Was he lieng? Plis help me.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, First Off "Lying" Is Spelled Without An "E" But iDont Know If You & "Sara" Hang Out But He Might Of Been Using You To Get Close To Her. Just Ignore & Forget Him Cause He Is Full Of Crap, Sorry He Put You Up With This, Stay Positive & Stay Strong & Find Somebody Who Will Treat You Better...


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