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Me and my ex broke up maybe a month or two ago. We stayed friends but she moved back to California maybe 1-2 weeks ago. She said she missed me and I asked what she missed and this is what she said "I miss your handsome face. I miss playing with your hair. I miss you holding me. I miss cuddling. I miss watching movies with you. I miss sex. I miss watching basketball games. I miss your family things. I miss your kisses. I miss just relaxing with you. I miss going places with you. I miss a lot. Thoughts?


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  • It's a typical girl's text to her ex boyfriend after they broke up. She is still in love with you, and it clearly shows. She has taken a break for a month or two, but clearly you are what is on her mind everyday.

    In other words, it's an indirect "take me back" text. You either miss her or you don't. Only you can answer that.

    • Like I miss her and all those things she mentioned but I know that she's not the one for me. If she were in the same state as me I know I would be getting her right now after telling me that. But she's 1500 miles away

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    • Truth be told I didn't really think about her all that much not long after the break up. I had been with a few different women since but as soon as she tells me all this emotional stuff I just revert back to those feelings and now all I want right now is her

    • From my standpoint and view, the relationship will be toxic if you every got back with her. She will be highly upset that you were with a few different women within a few months, and that the fact you haven't really thought of her.

      The messages are a lovely reminder of the good things that happened, but if you still wanted to be with her then the breakup was indeed not bound to happen.

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  • RED FLAG!!! STAY AWAY!!! She's bored and needs attention!!! She's just trying to keep your attention on her. She wants nothing more than to play on past emotions. She sounds toxic. There's a reason you both broke up. Unless you have a child with this person there is no reason to even keep in touch. Enforce NO CONTACT, block her number, block her from your life. Good Luck!!!

  • Attention seeking person.
    Plus part off moving on is missing the person , that doesn't mean that anything should be rekindled.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, It Appears She Misses You, iThink She Wishes Things Could Of Been Different Between You Two. You didn't Say She Went To California For A Business Trip Or To Visit Family So iAssume She Is There For Good. This Would Be Great If You Wanted To Get Back With Her Or If She Was Coming Back, Stay Positive...

  • What're you thinking now? Invite her out, and let things rekindle. Make dinner and have sweet sex together babe!

    • Yeah except I'm in Missouri and she's in California

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