He sent me an email 4months after our breakup.. what should I answer?

Here is his email:
"How are you?
Sitting in ***Euro city***, thinking about you...
I missed you last night...
I wish you could have been here...
I hope you are well..."
Last night refers to a wedding he went to.
I am clueless what to answer and just started with a "Hello, how are you? How was ***Euro city***?".
What do you think?
I am not too sure what are his intentions. What do you think he wants?
Knowing that would help me on how to answer him.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, He Probably Miss You Wants Your Attention. If You Want To Reconcile Then Respond, If Not Then iSuggest Ignoring Him & Continue Living Your Life...


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  • Answer anyway you like. If you want to that is. If you don't want him in your life anymore then don't.


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