Will moving on make a guy see you as you don't care like how they think you do?

me and this guy i was talking to had a huge fight yesterday. In a nutshell, he said im trying too hard to make "us" happen but when i try and say bye he'll object to that too. This morning i texted him to have a nice day just to smooth things out (my first time initiating a text ) and got no response. I don't know what to think but i know that i won't be following up with him anymore until and IF he text me again. But my question is me not texting anymore will show him im not chasing him? That im content not ever contacting him again right? i just want him to feel crazy once he sees im not desperate like how. he. thinks i am. Will guys think different of the girl if they dont hear from her anymore? Btw, i quit talking to him once cuz. i. thought he didn't care. but. he. ended up texting me 3 times saying stuff like "so your not talking to me?" So me leaving this alone should work for my benefit right? Since he. thinks i was trying to hard.


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  • Well be sure he actually told you you're trying too hard first as you're basing all this on that. Secondly I don't think much of games, but sure, if he says you do too much then I guess you let him do something. However, this "so you're not talking to me" sounds like he didn't get that message and instead was hurt by it, so maybe you just need to talk- that's better than games.

  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, From Reading This iAgree With Him, You Are Trying Too Hard Make y'all Work, Instead Of Thinking About Whether Or Not He Thinks You Still Care If You Dont Talk To Him, How About Focusing On You. You Contacted Him & He Ignored You, That Tells Him He Doesnr Care Enough So Why Should You. Go Out & Live Your Life As A Single Girl/Women, iSuggest Not Waiting For This Guy But If You Choose To Do So iStill Suggest Living Your Life According To How YOU Want To Live It, Dont Walk On Eggshells For This Guy, If He Comes Back Then Let It Happen On It's Own, Dont Try & Force It, Stay Strong & Stay Positive...

    • thanks !:)

    • I think you're trying too hard to be unique by capitalizing every letter of every word.

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