I am struggling to get the courage to break it off?

For a while now I have been considering breaking up with my boyfriend but haven't done it yet. We have been together for almost 6 years, so it is not that easy to break up. However,, for almost 2 years I have been feeling unsatisfied with the relationship in general and haven't broken up with him because I am comfortable in the relationship and because I am hopeful that there will be improvement. But I find that I am more unhappy than happy in this relationship. I have regular talks with him and give him reasons for why I am unhappy and he tries to please me but I am still not happy. It is great when he is trying to please me but I think all of the other factors come in to mind like what our future would be like. I ask myself if he asked me to marry him, would I say yes? Unfortunately I always say no...
I can see so many reasons to break up with him but I still haven't and I don't know why... Maybe because I love him as one would love a relative maybe? He is dear to me and I would rather not hurt him but I do understand that I need to do what is best for me, and it is not fair to him either. I don't know... I'm afraid that I might make a mistake, but I've had these thoughts of breaking up with him for sooooo long... I am so confused with myself and it is killing me!


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  • Please don't break it off yet. The very reason why you're staying with him, implies that you do want to work it out. 6 years is a long time, and you really shouldn't be letting go of it. Since you were fine with him earlier, has he changed in some way (s) which has caused you to lose interest in him? If so, just let him know what that is. In the worst case, please do tell him what changes he needs to implement, and if he doesn't do it, you may be forced to call off the relationship for your own good as well as his. I'm sure things would work out in that case. Good luck!


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  • Even though your unhappy with it I think you should stay with him I've been through that with my ex. But it didn't turn out to work for me cause she didn't care. But if u love him enough then u would stay with him and find something the both of u like such as going out somewhere fancy but not expensive. That would be the main purpose for a proposal

  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, A Reason You Can't Break Up With Him Is Because Instead Of Making The Decision With Your Head, Your Making It With Your Heart. You Have To Set Your Emotions Aside & Just Do It. You've Been Unhappy For The Last Two Years So How Long Much Longer Do You Plan On Waiting? The Longer You Wait The Harder It Will Be & You Are Proving That Now, You Did All The Right Things As Far As Communicating & Telling Him How You Feel & Things Didn't Change. You Just Have To Do It & Find Happiness Somewhere Else & Your Already Hurting Cause Your Not Mentally & Emotionally In It Anymore. Do It Sooner Than Later, If He Begs For You Back Continue Setting Your Emotions Aside & Still Say No. Stay Strong & Stay Positive...


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