I blocked and cut of a good friend because my gf forced me to, 6 months later I message her to apologize, she doesn't reply, anything I can do?

I really just feel like a pathetic man right now. Even using the words like my gf forced me is pathetic. Did she point a gun to my head no but i still did it.

Anyway back story, i had this friend, she was friends with my gf when we and my gf met. She introduced me to her, her and my gf drifted as friends lived far away from eachother did different university courses etc. Me and the girl lived in the same uni halls had mutual friends so we spoke more often, my gf had a problem with this. Said the girl was disrespectful and a b*tch for messaging her bf and befriending me. She said this is something girl's just don't do to there friend's bf.

We argued and argued and argued for months over this i never gave into her because she was acting irrational me and the girl spoke only over text never called eachother or met up alone, we were completely platonic friend's who spoke every now and again, she was my only female friend i spoke to regularly so i think my gf just didn't want me to have female friends. She told me why would i get close to a girl when i have her, she never had guy friends either and thought that's how it should be. We argued and then after a year of being together she dumped me over it, i said fine and we never spoke for 2 months.

I missed her etc, was devastated for 2 months, we started speaking again everything all lovey dovey, we get back together and she says before we do i have to block the girl as she can't be with me unless i do it. I do that, the girl calls my friends trying to find out what happened to me, my gf gets angry and dictates that i have to send her a cold text, like you cause problems so it's best we don't speak.

I sent it, anyway now i'm single i message my former friend apologising, i tried to call but she is out of the country she has seen the message but not replied i told her how i valued her and i was forced by my gf and was wrong etc, no reply. I feel like crap is there anything more i can do.


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  • I definitely think your ex gf was really rude to make you give up your friend. If things were truly platonic, and it sounds like they were, she had no reason to be so jealous.

    I personally would have run as soon as the ex made you choose between your friend and her. That's a big red flag there.

    But to fix your relationship with this girl, you really just have to apologize and hope she comes around. Maybe ask her to meet up with you when she comes back to the country. Talk to her in person, explain to her what happened.

    Not sure what happened between the ex and her, but it sounds like she was just being jealous because she was befriending you.

    Now I can understand from a girl standpoint why that would be odd. If you are dating a girl, you don't have to be friends with her friends. Some girls are catty and backstabbers who steal other girls' bf's. But if the guy wants to be stolen, he will be stolen. So really you can't control it.

    But if you two were hanging out with other people, just platonically friends. I don't see why she had such a huge issue.

    So do your best to get to talk to this girl in person. Explain the situation. Chances are if she knew your ex, she would understand how crazy she is and come around.

    Best of luck to ya!


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Just Count It As A Loss. She Is Gone, Not Responding & Left The Country. That Cold Message You Most Likely Hurt Her Very Deeply. You Have To Just Move On & Forget About Her Cause She Clearly Forgot You. In Your Next Relationship Take This Lesson & Apply It, Stay Positive & Keep Your Head High...


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  • keep apologising until she gives u an answer i guess. and when she comes back, apologise to her in person and be sincere and dont give up unless she tells you multiple times to go away. what u did was pretty mean but honestly, i think ur gf is more to blame. girls usually forgive platonic friends more easily and maybe she's just ignoring u to make you feel bad as payback.

  • You can get her back girls are more kind hearted and forgiving than guys. Give it time and maybe start posting old photos of y'all and tag her or message her about a really funny time.


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  • I am afraid she probably moved on. I just suggest you move on buddy, and don't treat your friends like that for some girl. Cause now you are the one that has lost out.

    If you know where she lives, and when she comes back, take a card and a nice boxes of chocolates to her, and say to her face I am very sorry, I will not treat you like this again. Its worth a try. Saying sorry over a text message, is not really good enough.

  • Anyone who tries to isolate you from another is wrong. A gf bf is only a person for sex a friend has a higher position.

    You insulted the friendship of your friend for a small minded girl for sex. How should she feel?

  • Probably not. Same. Thing happened to me but in reverse. I lost my best friend because of her boyfriend. There's nothing she could do to get me back.

    • Why was there nothing she could do to get you back, was she still with the boyfriend, or you could no longer trust her anymore.

      This really sucks ah well you do stupid things and you learn from them i guess.

    • She did it once, forgave her and let her back into my life.1 year later she did it a second time. Now she's dead to me.

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