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hey I've been in a relationship for about a year. It has its good parts like he takes care of me when I'm sick (and im sick a lot) he byes me diners, flowers ect, takes me out to movies and diner dates.
It has some really dark bad parts that I know I need to get away from like, he smokes pot which I am against, he knows I'm against it and refuse to have sex with him if he's been smoking and the other weekend he smokes he said he really wanted birthday sex and I said "no u chose pot over pussy" he got pissed off and walked out didn't return for at least 3 hours. When returned he refused to tell me where he went when I asked coz I was confused ends up he went to sleep in the spare bed (he's said he will quit smoking when I stop drinking, I only drink socially and don't drink to get drunk). The 1st night I spent with him I had made it known I wanted to wait a few months before having sex with him but he got turned on while kissing me and said it had been along time since he had sex and despite me saying I wanted to wait we had a quickie (yes I gave in but I find it very hard to say no in that situations due to my past and I had spoken to him about my past) but the most disturbing and frightening part and why I am scared of leaving and pissing hi off is his temper. He and I had a fight awhile back and broke up because I cheated (I know its bad I don't need you telling me that)... when I told him he said I'm lucky I didn't tell him in person because he would of hit me. few weeks past and we got back together, about 2 months later we r laying in bed he's trying to get out of bed and I playfully pin him down and he says let me go or ill punch you. I let go, got up and got dressed and was ready to walk out (leave him for good) he apologized and I forgave him, Now I realize looking back I should of kept walking.
How do I leave this toxic relationship without pissing him off?
I forgot to add an another thing that I have told him I don't like but he continues to do this is I have given him permission to call me names in the bedroom only but lately he's been calling me them outside the bedroom to try turn me
also he's said I better hope he never looses his sex drive coz if he does he's not putting up with have my crap


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, If Your Afraid For Your Safety Then Tell Him In An E-Mail, Text, Fone Call, Mail, Or FaceTime. If He Is Not Meeting Up To Your Expectation Then Leave Him & Dont Worry About Him Getting Mad. Your Not Happy In This Relationship So Leave. iSmoke Marijuana So iCant Chastise Him For That But Everything Else Can Be Fixed (My Opinion.) He Seems Violent, No Girl Wants That, Set Aside Your Emotions & Realize This Man Is Not The Man For You & This Relationship Is Unhealthy , Stay Strong & Stay Positive...

    • isn't that a bit cowardly?

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  • You both sound as bad as each other. You can't really complain he smokes pot if you drink alcohol. If you want a scientific point of view alcohol is actually much worse.
    He should NOT have said he was going to hit you thats totally out of order, but then you shouldn't have cheated.

    I think really you should leave him, he has threatened to hit you twice from what you've said and while you sound like no angel I am more on your side (again, i've only heard your side of the story)
    If you genuinely fear for your safety can't you go to a relatives or let the police know? Have some money, somewhere to go and take your stuff and just get out while he is out of the house.

    • Im not an angel and I don't pretend to me and yes he had every right to be pissed off

  • when he is in a good mood.. pretend you are super angry and pack your things up and leave him without giving him time to think... make sure to let him get the message to never contact you again..

    • And risk him beating the crap out of her? She needs to leave when he's not there

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    • but if she left when he is not around... won't he find her and make a bigger issue?
      if there is risk and fear of getting beaten best answer is call for help and then leave... him by confronting him...

    • then he doesn't leave you even if you dont want to be with him... oh... its like he owns you... just complain the police...

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